domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Cookbook Story Optimizer - 3.0.0

Today I had released version 3.0.0.

From troday I'll be also supporting Nightclub Story
I hope it became even more helpfull to you all.

Cheers and Happy 2012

segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

Cookbook Story Optimizer

This application is a tool to help you know which recipes gives more money and more experience for the games "Restaurant Story" and "Bakery Story". This way you can grow faster and more efficient.
This is a fully independent offline tool and don’t interfere with the original games.

What and how it does?
The best recipes are the ones that produce more XP and money for less time possible, therefore first it calculates the amount of XP and money that is gain by hour. Then it creates the rating of recipes by comparing each one with the average (the average has a rating of 100%).
If a recipe gets 150% then it is +50% better than the average. If it gets a rating of 80% then it is only 80% efficient according the average (20% blow).
The rating is calculated once by your device when you click “Update Database” and is independent by game. There is no “hardcode rating”.
Because there is no way to instant start a new recipe right after another is finish, this tool adds 20 seconds to each recipe cooking time. Note that each time you need to prepare, serve, select new recipe, prepare again and start cooking. This way the very fast recipes (1 and 5 min) can get more real values to calculate their rating.

What am I looking at?
After you select the game you will see the general rating of the cookbook. The recipes most rentable, in XP and money, are on the top. The red rosette shows the global rating of the recipe.
Some recipes are very good for gathering money but are weak for XP growth. You can click on row to see the individual rating for XP and money.
On each row you can see:
  - The Cooking Time. If you go to options and switch to 'View Real Ending Time' you will see the ending Time and Day of this recipe as if you start cooking right now;
  - The XP gained by hour;
  - The Profit made by hour; (profit = money gain minus the initial cost);
  - The Global rating as described before;
  - A Chef Hat with the purpose described below.

If you click on the row you will also see:
  - Witch appliance is used to cook that recipe.
  - On the left hand side you see values as they are on the game:
     ~ The Duration
     ~ The XP gain after cooking;
     ~ The Profit (money gain minus the initial cost);
     ~ The global Rating.
  - On the right hand side you see additional information:
     ~ When will this recipe ends if you starts now:
     ~ The XP gained by hour;
     ~ The Profit made by hour;
     ~ The individual rating for XP and profit. The global rating is the average of this values.

The Chef Hat
On the "Restaurant Story" and "Bakery Story" you can get extra XP, Money and Gems if you archive level 4 of evolution on the recipe. After you masters de recipe on level 4 you won’t get extra bonus by doing it.
If you wish you can mark the recipe by clicking on the chef hat. Besides that you can filter the recipes by excluding the ones marked with the hat. This way you can grow faster by putting all your recipes on level 4.

How do I filter and change the sort criteria?
On the list header you can check witch filter criteria is being currently applied.
You have two ways to open filter setting: just click on the top (“Current Filter Criteria”) or click menu and choose “Change Filter”.
The options are quite simple but very useful:
- Time: You can define the minimum time that you want to see. For example, if you are going to be away for 8h you can select 8h and only see the recipes with that or greater cooking time. Remember that the recipe can stay awhile after being done so you could also select 6h…
- Appliance: You can filter by appliance if you don’t want to change your kitchen.
- Exclude: You can exclude all recipes marked with the Chef Hat sing.
- Order By: You can sort by “Total Rating” or “Duration”. If you order by “Duration” all the recipes with the same cooking time are still sort from the “best” to the “worst”.

Are this values right?
Well. The rating is indeed correct according what is described before.
This tool uses a very simple algorithm to compare the recipes. The algorithm is simple because I want to keep the CPU and memory usage as low as possible.
The downside is some limitations. Because it doesn’t use floating numbers the color gradient might be messed up and not so smooth as I wanted. I’m sorry about that but your battery is far more important than my graphical layout.

What is coming next?
Team Lava has done a great job updating the games and deploying brand new recipes on a weekly base.
Don’t be surprised if you get an update of this app every week :)

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Cookbook Story Optimizer